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Welcome to Savings India-Insurance point. We are authorized LIC Insurance agents in chennai. We offer insurance & investment quotes from leading financial companies and we understand the needs of customers and we offer them superior investment products and services.Large number of customers have financially benefited from the various investment products provided by us. We are specialized in making exceptional analysis of the insurance & investment products of various investment policies based on quality, key benefits and price. Call for any insurance and investment requirments anywhere in chennai.

All Insurance Plans
Endowment Plans
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2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Anand
2anidot1a (2) Lic Jeevan Saral
2anidot1a (2) LIC's New Endowment
2anidot1a (2) Single Endowment
2anidot1a (2) Endowment 14
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Mira-Double
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Mitra-Triple
2anidot1a (2) New Janarakasha Plan
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Amrit
Children Plans
2anidot1a (2) Child Career Plan
2anidot1a (2) Child Future Plan
2anidot1a (2) Komal Jeevan
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Kishore
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Anurag
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Chhaya
2anidot1a (2) Marriage/Educational
Money Back Plans
2anidot1a (2) New Bima Gold
2anidot1a (2) New Money Back 20Yrs
2anidot1a (2) Money Back 20Yrs
2anidot1a (2) New Money Back 25Yrs
2anidot1a (2) Money Back 25Yrs
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Rekha
2anidot1a (2) New Bima Bachat
2anidot1a (2) Bima Bachat
Unit Plans(ULIPs)
2anidot1a (2) Profit Plus
2anidot1a (2) Money plus-I
2anidot1a (2) Market plus I
2anidot1a (2) Fortune Plus
2anidot1a (2) Child Fortune Plus
Pension plans
2anidot1a (2) JeevanNidhi
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Akshay-VI
2anidot1a (2) New Jeevan Dhara-I
2anidot1a (2) New Jeevan Suraksha-I
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Anurag
Plan High Worth Individual
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Shree-I
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Pramukh
Whole Life Insurance
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Tarang
2anidot1a (2) The Whole Life policy
Health Insurance
2anidot1a (2) Health plus
LIC Women Policy
2anidot1a (2) Jeevan Bharati - I
Call Us Today to Start Your Insurance Plan: 91-8939247247
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2anidot1a (2) When shopping for a life insurance policy, it’s important to obtain the amount of coverage that will provide financial stability for your family at an affordable price. Efinancial can help you find the policy that fits you best
2anidot1a (2) Also, keep in mind that all life insurance policies have exclusions and provisions. Be sure to review these before buying your policy
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  Why Select Us?
  • We have helped more than 5000 customers in getting the right insurance cover & un-matched service they deserve. Service available in Chennai Cities in India
  Top Insurance Plans
  New Jeevan Anand -Good returns for self
  New Endowment -High Flexibility, High Coverage
  Money back Plans -money back plan with difference
  Jeevan Akshay - Pension plan for golden years
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